Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Management
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Frequently Asked Questions

About Construction Management
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What Is a Construction Change Order?

A change order is work that is added or removed from the original scope of work, as agreed upon in the contract signed by client and contractor before work begins. As the work proceeds, however, someone (either the owner or the contractor) decides a change is needed to be made to accommodate unforeseen factors. A change order is a contract amendment. A change order represents the mutual consensus between the parties on a change to the work, the price, the schedule, or some other term of the contract.  As such, a change order must be written out and approved by all parties.

Do you have client references?

Yes, Property Pro Realty Group, inc. will be glad to provide you references upon request.
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What is a build out?

A “build out” represents the construction activities executed to a building space, to make it functional for a tenant. In this respect build outs can also be considered “tenant improvements”.

After the scope of a project is determined, how are construction management payments made?

Typically, there is an upfront payment and then agreed upon payments are made throughout the project.

How do you typically communicate with the tenant?

We will communicate with our clients using the various means of calling, in person, text and email.
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